Mission and Vision
Our Mission is to be a community of love and acceptance where families can come as they are to meet for genuine worship, and to experience the living God; where Christ-centered, Bible-based resources are used to build people of faith and vision for life’s journey in our contemporary world.
The Vision of our church is to be a group of believers who LOVE, LEARN, and LEAD! We choose to LOVE God and love others as He commands (Luke 10:27), strive to LEARN and grow in His Truth (Psalm 119:66), and LEAD by serving others (1 Peter 4:9–11).
At White Rock we Love, Learn, and Lead!
What We Believe

At White Rock, we try to major on the majors and try not to get hung up on all the minor doctrinal issues that cause so much division in the church. We have a unique blend of people from various church and non-church backgrounds. We have a number of pastor’s kids from numerous different denominational backgrounds, and they always say you can’t fool pastor’s kids! They’ve seen the worst the church has to offer, and if they feel like you’re legit, that’s pretty high praise! We really try to listen and value each other as we walk in community together. Jesus said his disciples would be known not by how much Scripture they memorized or what their theological position on eternal security was, but rather by the way they loved each other. (John 13:3) With all that said, there are some really important things that we do take pretty seriously around here. Here are our core beliefs we take pretty seriously.

Core Beliefs

Meet Our Team

Andy & Jaime Waite
  • Lead Pastor
Dax & Jaki Allen
  • Youth Pastor
Rusty & Debbie Bush
  • Worship Pastor
Scott & Sally Springer
  • Assistant Pastor
Marty & Pam Waite
  • Evangelism Pastor
Tom & Shannon Letro
  • Children's Pastor