Church is a body of people, not just a building

We believe that church is more than a building or a service. We believe that church is a family. At White Rock Fellowship, you will find a bunch of imperfect people who are really trying to love each other and really trying to follow Jesus.


 Mission & Vision


Our mission is to be a community of love and acceptance where families can come as they are to meet for genuine worship, and to experience the living God.



Genuine worship springs from the heart. It’s not canned, it’s not robotic. It’s organic and individuals all express worship differently.



We believe in Jesus, and He is the head of our church. We focus on the core principles of Christianity, rather than getting lost in the details.



Children’s Ministry
Teen’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry
Men’s Ministry
R3 Restoration Ministry



---Coming Events

Forge Men’s Group
 Wednesday’s 6:30 PM
Worship Center

Women’s Breakfast

 Monday’s 8:30 AM
Bob Evans, Noblesville



Men’s Breakfast

 Wednesday’s 8 AM 
 Bob Evans, Noblesville


---Kids on the Rock Daycare


Daycare with Biblical Principles

We provide daycare that is safe, affordable, and Biblically sound. Your children will be in a loving and nurturing environment, where Godly principles are taught in a fun and easy to learn manner.



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First Time Visitor?

Everyone is welcome at our worship gatherings.
Come join us as we celebrate our life in Christ! Sundays 9am & 11am | 21070 Schulley Rd, Noblesville, IN 46062