Church is a body of people, not just a building

We believe that church is more than a building or a service. We believe that church is a family. At White Rock Fellowship, you will find a bunch of imperfect people who are really trying to love each other and really trying to follow Jesus.


 Mission & Vision


Our mission is to be a community of love and acceptance where families can come as they are to meet for genuine worship, and to experience the living God.



Genuine worship springs from the heart. It’s not canned, it’s not robotic. It’s organic and individuals all express worship differently.



We believe in Jesus, and He is the head of our church. We focus on the core principles of Christianity, rather than getting lost in the details.



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 January 17-19, 2020


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Women’s Retreat 2018

It’s been about a month since our annual women’s retreat at Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center in Hillsboro, Indiana, and I am still reminiscing on the joy we shared and the good things God did in our hearts. We had such a relaxing weekend with time to walk through the woods, play fun games, try some new things (like archery tag and knife throwing), connect with other sisters in Christ, and most importantly, worship our amazing Father and learn about His ways together. This year, our theme was Sojourner: Saved, Discerning, Equipped, Thriving. We covered a lot of topics, all centering on the concept that we are just travelers through this journey of life, and this world is not our home; so how do we live and engage in this world now? We had some challenging sessions from different speakers, and a mix of workshops throughout the weekend which covered some topics with more depth, like prayer, marriage, and bible study. I just have a few pictures to share, but we hope that you can come with us next year (May 2-5, 2019), and experience the weekend for yourself!


Going All In

Happy Tuesday, girls! I heard this song on the radio for the first time on my way home from work earlier, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Believe it or not (despite my crazy personality), I have struggled with a lot of difficulty in sharing my faith with others outside of Christian settings. God is still working on my heart about that, and sometimes I need a reminder that I want to be ALL IN. Not wading in slowly, not sticking a toe into the water, but choosing to dive head first into the deep end of my faith. There’s no going back once you’ve let go of that cliff.
So don’t let fear paralyze you today. What is one thing (just ask God for one, not for a terrifying list) that God wants you to be obedient with today? It may be small or it may be kinda big, but He’s holding you through this–you can do it!! AND SO CAN I!! (Sometimes I need my own encouragement…haha) Jaime told me (and others as well I believe) at retreat that if the enemy can’t get you to sin, he’ll just distract you instead. That was a really important and helpful thought to me! He can’t tempt me with some things (like drugs and alcohol) so he’ll just work with busyness and fear of rejection instead.
SO– my challenges for today:
1. Listen to this awesome song! 
2. Ask God to clarify ONE thing for you to do today. If you ask and really allow him to answer, you’ll know.
3. Think and pray about what ways the enemy is working against you. Is it temptation of some clear sin? Or is it something more subtle, like laziness? And then put on the armor of God and be aware of those weaknesses!
Love you all, beautiful sisters!


We Are Growing!

Family. Mission.

Family and Mission…two critical elements of our DNA as a church. At White Rock we live out the belief that church IS family. Scripture calls us “children of God” and instructs us to pray to our “Father in Heaven.” These aren’t empty terms. They are words that define our reality. We are part of God’s family through our faith in Jesus Christ. And as part of God’s family, we are on mission. Families have missions. Some are on mission to achieve greatness on the ball fields or in the classrooms for their children. Some families are on mission to accumulate wealth and material possessions. God’s family is on mission to bring others into loving and restoring relationship with their Heavenly Father. That’s the heartbeat of God. To find the orphan, the fatherless, the brokenhearted, the lost. But not JUST to find or identify them, but to bring them home. To wrap His arms around them and give them a place in the family.

Healthy families grow. Sometimes unconventionally: adoption, stepping in and raising a grandchild, absorbing a lonely elderly person. Love doesn’t have limits. Love reaches out and brings in. Love envelops everything it touches and communicates value and belonging. We love because He first loved us. And as a church family, we belong and we have status and a place we call home. BUT, we don’t just sit in self-centered comfort. We live out our Father’s values. We love and reach and bring in. We add to our family, to His family. We have a limitless capacity to love others. Don’t be mislead by the enemy’s whispers of lies or doubt. We can love without limits because the love of Christ dwells in us. We limit ourselves. He says love even your enemies. We say we can’t. He says, “You have no idea the reservoir of love that you are tapped into.”

So, as a church we stand at a bit of a tipping point. If you’re reading this blog and haven’t had a chance to catch the sermon audio from May 6, 2018 I encourage you to pause here and take a quick listen. Or, see it on facebook live if you’re able. I’ll wait…


I’m good…still waiting…


Okay, so you’ve got the picture. We have five cars illegally parked in the ditch (the police have issued us a warning that they will be handing out tickets if vehicles are found on the roadside). We have jam packed rows of people in the worship center. We have a GREAT problem. Our family is growing. God is drawing and reaching and people are coming to worship, to grow, to be a part of this awesome family of His. It’s fantastic…but we’ve got to do something. We’re running out of room. We’ve drug our feet as long as we can, and we’ve looked at all our options over and over and over. And it’s time. We all see it. It’s time to adjust our Sunday worship routine to add a second worship service to accommodate all this growth.

One church. Two worship gatherings.

It’s not too complicated: 9am and 11am with an adult Sunday school class slipped into the middle. Is it perfect? Nah, we’ll surely have to tweak a few things here and there. Is it polished and refined? Wait, have you ever been to White Rock? Is it what the Holy Spirit is clearly leading us to do? Without a doubt. It won’t necessarily be easy, but the Lord has confirmed and reconfirmed over and over again during the last several weeks that this is the direction He is leading. Now all we have to do is prayerfully get in step with His leading and try to keep up!

There will be some challenges and some adjustments along the way…in fact I think that might even be the working definition of the word “grow.” Growth is not always easy or comfortable. But, following the Lord is never the wrong decision. He never, ever, ever fails us. We can trust Him. He knows what He’s doing.

And so, I invite you along on this crazy adventure. We begin this new chapter June 3rd. And I encourage you to pray; seek the Lord. Come when you are supposed to. Plug in and serve where you are supposed to. I’m like you, I probably have more questions than answers. That’s why I’m sticking really close to the One who knows the answers. He’s leading and it’s going to be quite a ride! I’m excited that you’re part of this big, crazy family. Let’s go chase after Him and see where this thing leads us!




---Kids on the Rock Daycare


Daycare with Biblical Principles

We provide daycare that is safe, affordable, and Biblically sound. Your children will be in a loving and nurturing environment, where Godly principles are taught in a fun and easy to learn manner.



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