Church is a body of people, not just a building

We believe that church is more than a building or a service. We believe that church is a family. At White Rock Fellowship, you will find a bunch of imperfect people who are really trying to love each other and really trying to follow Jesus.


 Mission & Vision


Our mission is to be a community of love and acceptance where families can come as they are to meet for genuine worship, and to experience the living God.



Genuine worship springs from the heart. It’s not canned, it’s not robotic. It’s organic and individuals all express worship differently.



We believe in Jesus, and He is the head of our church. We focus on the core principles of Christianity, rather than getting lost in the details.



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Women’s Retreat

 April 19-22
 Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center



Church Directory Shoot

 April 27-28
 White Rock Worship Center


Men’s Retreat

 May 18-20
 Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center


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White ROCK Kids: The Cocoa House Gets Emotional

This week the White ROCK Kids Cocoa House got an overhaul! (We meet Wednesday nights at 7pm!) We switched from rocking out to the latest Christian songs and learning how God speaks to us in song to talking about our emotions! We will still be jamming out to some rockin’ songs from time to time and sipping hot cocoa while focusing on how God wants us to handle our emotions!
This week we talked about happiness and how we can be happy because of God’s great love for us!  We talked about how our world can be unhappy in a lot of different ways and how we can maintain happiness in Christ Jesus.  This happiness is available because we know that God sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins and was resurrected from death three days later.  We learned that no matter how grim our situation may look; the end result, if we have asked Christ to forgive our sins and live in our hearts, is that we will have eternity in Heaven with God!  That can bring us joy in any situation!  
Our memory verse this week is: “How you made me is amazing and wonderful.  I praise you for that.  What you have done is wonderful.  I know that very well.” Psalm 139:14 (NIrV).  God made us amazing and wonderful; all that He has done for us is wonderful!  Pairing that truth with the truth that Christ died on the cross and rose from the grave for our sins creates a truth bomb that can cut through any bad day that we could possibly have!  We can’t wait to see what emotion we might talk about next Wednesday night!


Fusion 2018

We had a crazy weekend, but we made it back from Fusion 2018 in one piece! Indiana Wesleyan University (which happens to be my alma mater) hosts two events each spring for youth: Fusion, for high school students, and Never 2 Young, for middle school (which is coming up on May 4-5!). This year we had 5 high school students that went, along with 4 of the best youth leaders ever…but I might be biased. We got to see Cory Asbury and Bethel Worship live in concert on Friday night (you may have heard his song Reckless Love on the radio), and some other talented artists and musicians throughout the weekend. We listened to moving sermons, went to interesting seminars, played on fun inflatables, shot each other with bows and arrows (for archery tag…it was mostly safe), drank delicious coffee at McConn, stayed up way too late, and had some good conversations about life and faith throughout the weekend. I was very thankful to be a part of the event, and I think we all enjoyed learning and playing together! Hopefully next time you (or your teen) can join us!
-Jaki Allen


Easter Is No Laughing Matter!

Easter is no laughing matter…but laughter absolutely does matter! While celebrating Resurrection Sunday we managed to slip in a few fun “April Fool’s Day” moments. The teen band rocking an ancient Hebrew song about the resurrection turned out to be “Go, Fight, Win.” The promise of a double-feature of two full length sermons turned out to be one average length Easter message with some closing wrap up thoughts. The teens passing out brownies…er, I mean brown “E’s” (pieces of brown construction paper cut out in the shape of the letter “E”) to the congregation at the end was an instant classic for sure! But my favorite had to be the Rock Your Debt program. The reminder of the crushing weight of financial debt coupled with the hope of someone coming alongside and bringing some help and support was something all of us could buy into! And what a painful moment to realize it was all a hoax! But the point behind such a prank? Well…that was no laughing matter. The truth is that all of us are in desperate shape because of our sin debt. We owe a debt we cannot pay. Nothing we can do to be good enough. Nothing of any value that we possess that could cover our debt. The wages of sin is death…eternal death. And sadly, that debt is getting called in. We are getting foreclosed on. We are dead in our sins and lost forever…but…all is not lost. The cross of Jesus Christ stands as the greatest Debt Consolidation Program in all human history. We could not pay, so He did. We faced death, so He died in our place. He took upon Himself all the sin debt of all humanity and paid it all off with the sacrifice of His own life. He was sinless and pure, and paid off our sin debt with a currency we did not have. Hallelujah to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who paid our debt, who bought our freedom from slavery to sin, and who lives and reigns forevermore! This is the hope…no, It’s not just a hope…it is the truth and the reality of Easter. Your debt has been paid. You are set free.




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Daycare with Biblical Principles

We provide daycare that is safe, affordable, and Biblically sound. Your children will be in a loving and nurturing environment, where Godly principles are taught in a fun and easy to learn manner.





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