Church is a body of people, not just a building

We believe that church is more than a building or a service. We believe that church is a family. At White Rock Fellowship, you will find a bunch of imperfect people who are really trying to love each other and really trying to follow Jesus.


 Mission & Vision


Our mission is to be a community of love and acceptance where families can come as they are to meet for genuine worship, and to experience the living God.



Genuine worship springs from the heart. It’s not canned, it’s not robotic. It’s organic and individuals all express worship differently.



We believe in Jesus, and He is the head of our church. We focus on the core principles of Christianity, rather than getting lost in the details.



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Women’s Retreat

 April 19-22
 Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center



Church Directory Shoot

 April 27-28
 White Rock Worship Center


Men’s Retreat

 May 18-20
 Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center


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Easter Egg Hunt 2018! Rain or Shine!

As I remember it, hunting eggs is probably one of the most exciting parts of Easter in the eyes of kids!  The candy, the hunt for candy, the sugar rush!  When the eggs are all empty and there is no longer candy to find, kids go home with bags full of candy to last them months.  All the while, parents are praying that some of it gets lost and forgotten somewhere in the car on the drive home.
This Saturday kids will not only get the change to hunt for eggs filled with sugary goodness and empty those eggs into their baskets to take home, they will also get an awesome opportunity to learn about something that Jesus left empty! Come join us Saturday at 2:00 at 21070 Schulley Road in Noblesville for hunting candy, and to hear about what Jesus left empty…and why He did it!  RAIN or SHINE!
-Pastor Ryan Christopher
Children’s Pastor


Triumphal Sunday

Jesus is not who you think He is.

He does not fit into your simple little picture of who He is.
He’s not some “deity”, some “celestial being”; He is utterly the most awesome, terrifying, horrifying power you can’t even dream up, imagine, or pretend to imagine. He is more awesome, and scarier than you can possible imagine. He is not a lord, He is not a king, He Is THE Lord and THE King. Ultimate authority, Ultimate power, Ultimate being in perfect form and strength and wisdom. He is more than the best of everything, more than our eyes can take in, more than our minds can fake like we can imagine, more than our senses can process or even make sense of. He is the Epic, Eternal King of Kings and Lord or lords from all time and all places and all beings. He is not just a baby in a manger or this Jesus of Nazareth fellow. HE IS GOD ALMIGHTY, and the earth will shake with His presence and the hills will melt like wax before Him.           
He does not fit into your simple little picture of who He is.

And this Jesus turned his gaze, set His face as flint and made His way into Jerusalem to put death to death. He would lay aside His majesty, His power and His dominion over death to end the eternal curse of sin brought upon men by their rebellion against Him.

But death could not hold Him. The grave, strong by all appearances, was rendered powerless against Him. Death had a short-lived façade of victory that soon gave way to the eternal reality of who our God is. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah cannot be defeated. He cannot be overcome or overrun or overwhelmed. There is no dethroning Him, there is no destroying Him, there is no denying Him. And there is coming a day when every knee of every being who has ever been or ever will be shall find themselves face to face with the awesome reality of who this Jesus really is. Tremble; be afraid. The earth shakes and the mountains are made low before the greatness of our God.

Don’t play the fool, your king comes to you gently, riding on a donkey. His arms are open and his hands are stretched out to you. What will you do with this king? What will you do with His offer?



The Ladies Blog @ White Rock

Last summer, God gave me some really cool insights about stretching my faith and being pushed into uncomfortable situations. He reminded me that life is truly an incredible adventure, and he wants to walk through every moment with me. I hope this is as encouraging to you as it was to me!
“You are an adventurer, waking each day to see the mountains and challenges ahead of you. And I am your supplier. Come to me every day and I will give you provisions. I will teach you to set camp, to climb mountains, and to build fires. I will guide you along steep cliffs and through deep ravines. I will show you beautiful things along every path: The flowers, the animals, the waterfalls, and the sunrises. But if you try this trek without me, you will find it dangerous and difficult beyond your understanding. So stay with me. Never lose connection with me. It may not always be simple or painless — it may rain or sleet or blizzard somedays. But do you doubt that I will carry you through every rushing river and make camp to keep you safe through every torrential storm?
I AM, my beloved. I never change. Day to day and age to age, I see all things and my understanding is boundless. So keep walking. Keep stepping out on those rope bridges which look terrifying. Keep getting up each day, even when it is cold and wet and awful out. I AM with you always, to the very end of the age.”
Much love,




---Kids on the Rock Daycare


Daycare with Biblical Principles

We provide daycare that is safe, affordable, and Biblically sound. Your children will be in a loving and nurturing environment, where Godly principles are taught in a fun and easy to learn manner.





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