Women’s Retreat 2018

It’s been about a month since our annual women’s retreat at Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center in Hillsboro, Indiana, and I am still reminiscing on the joy we shared and the good things God did in our hearts. We had such a relaxing weekend with time to walk through the woods, play fun games, try some new things (like archery tag and knife throwing), connect with other sisters in Christ, and most importantly, worship our amazing Father and learn about His ways together. This year, our theme was Sojourner: Saved, Discerning, Equipped, Thriving. We covered a lot of topics, all centering on the concept that we are just travelers through this journey of life, and this world is not our home; so how do we live and engage in this world now? We had some challenging sessions from different speakers, and a mix of workshops throughout the weekend which covered some topics with more depth, like prayer, marriage, and bible study. I just have a few pictures to share, but we hope that you can come with us next year (May 2-5, 2019), and experience the weekend for yourself!