---The Forge

forge: a special fireplace or furnace in which metal is heated before shaping.
forge: to form or make, especially by concentrated effort.
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17
He is the blacksmith. We are the iron. Iron that is continually being shaped and molded by the Great Blacksmith, and iron that is shaping and molding others and the world around us. As men, God desires us to be strong, faithful, compassionate and humble. Men who are mighty and lead well in our own lives, our families, communities and beyond.
The Forge Men’s Ministry is a group of men striving to be refined and shaped by the Lord. Men who walk side by side loving, encouraging, challenging and sharpening one another to be all that God has called us to be. That’s our simple vision. To be teachable and moldable while impacting others around us as well all experience the Lord’s refining fire in our lives.

---What we do


Men’s Breakfast


Service Projects 




Social Activities


Quarterly Men’s Breakfast

Once every three months we have a large Saturday morning men’s breakfast. It’s a time of great food and fellowship, as well as getting everybody on the same page for vision and information. As guys we get pulled all over the place, and taking time once a quarter to stop and sit down together for breakfast is really significant in keeping us centered and locked in on our target. Breakfasts feature: Awesome food, Quarterly outlook & vision casting, Special presentations and helpful information, Brief devotional and time of prayer together.

Quarterly Service Project

Once every three months guys are invited to help out with a local service project. It’s a time of rolling up our sleeves and sharing the love of Jesus through a little sweat and combined energy. Projects include: work projects on our church property, joint projects with local ministries and agencies, special needs within our church family or community, regional/national emergency relief projects.

Quarterly Social Event

It’s important to have some fun. Taking time to breath really matters. Life is intense, and the chance to stop and laugh or have a crazy adventure together with some other guys is really an important thing. Once every three months we invite guys to go bowling, grab some wings, go axe throwing, take in a baseball game, come to a barbeque or some other “manly” fun activity. We work hard. We push ourselves to be everything God is calling us to be. Having some fun along the way is key.

Daily Bible Reading




Relational  Challenge


Daily Bible Reading Challenge

Every day we read news apps, sports apps, emails, texts, and the list goes on and on. There’s seriously no legit reason why the most important book in human history sits idly on our shelf while we’re too busy scrolling through our smart phone. One simple chapter…every day. We are launching on January 1st with Mathew chapter one. Challenging guys to read along together as we go through the entire New Testament. He is the blacksmith, and His Word refines and forges us into the powerful men He’s calling us to be.

Monthly Scripture Memorization Challenge

Every month we will have a focus scripture. Guys we be challenged to commit to memory this one bible verse over the course of 30 days. 


Relational Challenge

We are all designed for relationship. We aren’t always very good or very diligent at walking out healthy relationships. We are guys after all. But every one of us can grow in our ability to better relate to people, our spouses and even in our relationship with God. You will receive weekly or monthly challenges that spur us out of our comfort zones and into deeper, richer, more meaningful relationship with those around us.

Nutrition Challenge


Health/Exercise Challenge 




Weekly Devotional 


Nutrition Challenge

We are not Weight Watchers International. We are guys with crazy schedules and quite often fairly poor eating habits. But we often neglect to own the reality that taking care of our physical body is actually a bit of a stewardship issue. God has entrusted us with these “temples” (bodies) that we walk around in. What we do or do not put into our body has an impact on what we can and cannot do for His kingdom. Each week we challenge guys with some nutrition ideas intended to keep is walking out denying our flesh and keeping our bodies under the control of the Spirit.

Health/Exercise Challenge

Kind of the same story with exercise. This isn’t a gym membership. You aren’t going to get ripped abs and epic biceps through The Forge exercise challenges. But if you can stay a little m or fit, a little more active, a little more energized, that can propel you to living out God’s calling in all other areas of your life. Attack the challenges at your own pace, with whatever end objective you want. Some guys get crazy intense and ramp up the exercise. Most guys begrudgingly beat their bodies into submission at a minimal level. Doing something is good. So, just do something.

Weekly Devotional

Written by the guys. Might be deep. Might be simple. Doesn’t matter. The Lord speaks through His people and His Word in profound ways when men walk in faithfulness. Check it out each week on our web-page.

Strike Teams

Guys need each other. Guys don’t always want each other. We like to do it ourselves, be tough, be strong and silent. That’s great, except that God calls us to sharpen one another and invest in each other. Strike Teams are simple, safe, small groups of men (3-5 guys) who simply pray for each other, touch base every so often with one another and are just present doing life together with other guys. Every guy is invited into a Strike Team. Each Strike Team has a Strike Team Leader who’s only real job is just to touch base with the guys in the group. Keeping up with prayer needs or situations that are going on. We encourage each group to be in weekly communication with each other. Simple things like, “Hey, prayin’ for you guys today.” Everybody matters. Knowing other guys have your back and actually care about you is a big deal, and Strike Teams are a safe, easy way for guys to do life together.