The Arkansas River

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Come hear Pastor Andy compare his family adventure of whitewater rafting down the Arkansas River to peaceful and life giving waters that God promised to us. Hear him talk about the fears, rules, and observations involved with whitewater rafting. Rule#1  Stay in the boat. In life, there is spiritual danger and death, if you get out the boat of Christ. Observation #1 Listen to your guide. The world is full of noise and distractions. It hard to hear your guide but if you do not follow the Holy Spirit’s instructions, it will lead to trouble and death. Observation #2 The sections of the rivers have very descriptive names of the experience that you are about to have. As Christians, our rapid  names are our different types of sins in our lives but the guide (Holy Spirit) and the boat (Christ) will get you through safely if you listen and do what you are told. Each one of us needs to identify our rapids so we can be navigated through them.