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Come hear Pastor Andy talk about another really big cultural battleground known as ‘Race’. Race is how the world uses physical traits to categorize the human beings on Earth. Discover the difference between race and the human race. See how God is the creator of the human race and we all can trace back to Adam and Eve. See how people on Earth were scattered through the world by God. Explore the meaning of ‘ethnic groups’ and how it is more representative of the people groups throughout the world. Examine the shortcoming of the word ‘Race’ and how it is not a biblical concept. Walkthrough secular historical proof of the ‘Garden of Eden’, the ‘Flood’ and the ‘Tower of Babel’ and how it agrees with the accounts of the Bible. Finally, hear about how the physical biological differences can occur in people who are all from the same human race. The bottom line is that all people are God’s creation and we are equal so we should treat everyone with love and respect because we are all brothers and sisters. This is how you beat racism.