On Earth as it is in Heaven (Part 4 – The Only Son)

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Come hear Pastor Krikor Mnatzaganian conclude his 4 part series  ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’. Start with him thanking Pastor Andy and the leadership of the church for allowing him to preach this powerful and challenging message. Listen to him reference his primary source for these sermons ‘Unseen Realm’ by  Dr. Michael S. Heiser. Review the major milestones of sermons. The Fall, the Earthly  corruption, the Tower of Babel and God’s promise to reclaim his people from unseen evil beings. Transition into the promise of a savior through the nation of Israel. Discover the meaning and purpose of the only Son who existed from the beginning, who is  the ruler of all, and became flesh to save us. Explore the authority and power of Satan, which he tried to tempt Jesus with. Sees Jesus’s declaration of war and victory at the literal ‘Gates of Hell’. Understand the importance of the story of David and Goliath and its relationship to the ‘Gates of Hell’. Every knee will bow and the captives will be set free. Jesus is alive.