July 2022

Teen Retreat 2022

Come hear Pastor Dax summarize the teen retreat and its theme of “Knowing God”.  Listen to the youth, starting with the seniors, explain what they got out of the retreat. Hear the emotion and excitement in their voices as they explain the rise of the younger teens in leadership and the new world ahead of […]

July 2021

Youth Retreat 2021

Come hear the WRF Youth leaders and Youth talk about their retreat to Arkansas. Listen to them speak on the theme of the retreat called the 7 “I am” statements. Discover what they learned about peace, the light, the gate, the way, the Resurrection/life, the bread of life and the true grapevine. See how the […]

July 2019

Teen Retreat 2019

   Come hear the youth leaders, helpers, and kids talk about what they experienced during Youth Retreat. Learn how they are striving to be catalyst in this broken world.

May 2019

Choices – Teen’s Service

  Come and listen to the teens talk about how the choices of today make for the chains of tomorrow.

July 2018

Youth Retreat (Who Am I?)

Come and listen to how the Youth Retreat of 2018 changed our kids. Listen to how they now reject how the world sees them and accept how God sees them. We are all children of God.