August 2019

War on the Saints

Come and listen to Pastor Krikor breakdown who the real enemy is and what is our role and duty in the victorious army of the Lord.

July 2019


  Come listen to Pastor Andy talk about the art of modern warfare. Dive into the following questions. Do you know the difference between spiritual and earthly warfare? Can you recognize the true enemy? How should you engage in warfare? Do you know the weapons that God makes available for you to fight with ? […]

Fault Lines

Come listen to Pastor Rusty talk about the similarity of natural and societal fault lines. Discover how people both within and outside the church got stuck in old habits. See how interruptions of these old habits causes people to question and fight for their purpose and their way of life. Learn how Jesus challenges us […]

Play Ball !!!

To be a great player in any game, you must do the following: train to win; learn to deal with failures; be a good teammate; and be willing to sacrifice for the team. Come and explore with Pastor Scott how to be the best player in the game of life. The whole world is depending […]

June 2019

Siege War

Come explore with Pastor Dax how to fight off Satan’s attacks on our foundation. Discover the importance of just being there for each other providing support and care. Learn to resist the urges to attack people or run away. Resolve to let your offense to be your best defense. Do not let fear rule your […]