March 2019


Come dive into and unpack the ugly biblical concept of slavery. Discover the New Testament revolution that changes hearts and cultures. Learn how to live for the Lord despite your circumstance. Identify what your top priority should be. 

Parenting Balance

  Listen to how to distinguish between the voice of the Lord and Satan as not to exasperate your children but to train them up in the Lord. Please note the special responsibilities of the father. Learn how to give and receive discipline. And finally, do not give up.

February 2019


Listen to how and why we must fight against rebellion which is a part of our human state. Learn our true identities and the source of our obedience. Discover the severity of disobedience at any age.

Struggles/Rules of Submission

  Learn to follow the 3 “S’s” of Jesus to live life to its fullest in obedience which is the key to following God’s design.

Weakness VS Strength

  How do you define weakness? What do you see as strength? How does God define weakness vs strength? How did Jesus live his life on this earth? How are we expected to live our lives on this earth? Who is in control? Why  do anything at all?