October 2018

Simple Church – Part 5 (Lead – Serve)

  * What is true LEADERSHIP all about? * Do you have a ME problem? * Whose WILL do you follow? * What is your FOCUS? * Should your life have BALANCE? Come explore this with us.

Simple Church – Part 4 (Lead)

* Leadership is about influence so what does that look like in your life? * Who are you influencing? * How are you influencing them? * Who do you influence first? * How far should your influence reach? * What does it mean to be a leader? Come explore the answers to these important questions.

September 2018

Simple Church – Part 3 (Learn)

Jesus taught his disciples years ago…and He still teaches His disciples today! Listen in as we explore the principle of LEARNING and how it applies to the life of a follower of Jesus Christ.

Simple Church – Part 2 (Love)

  The defining characteristic of a follower of Jesus Christ is LOVE. It’s the foundation for our discipleship process as a church, because it’s the foundation of what it means to be a disciple. We are called to love. Jesus told us the most important command in all the Scriptures is to “love the Lord […]

Simple Church – Part 1

Complexity does not necessarily make you better. Come here about our KISS process and how we implement our motto (Revive, Restore, and Rebuild).