October 2021

The Wild West

Come hear Pastor Andy’s final talk about his trip to what he calls the “Wild West” and its strange and weird landscapes. Hear him connect the strangeness of the “Wild West” to the strangeness of the world that Christians are living in now. Listen as he describes the world today and his “4 really Big […]

The Canyons

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about Utah, the next destination on their adventure. Listen to him describe the canyons and how they relate to the hard times in our lives. Hear how people go as close as they can to the edge of canyons and this is similar to how people respond to sin in […]

August 2021

He Sees You

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about his misadventure to Bois Blanc  “Bob Low” Island, MI. Hear paralleling lessons of delayed gratification,  patience, endurance and isolation. See how trials can become blessings. Learn of God’s great love surrounding us. God sees you.