May 2020


  Come listen to Pastor Andy talk about risk and the possibilities of success and failure. This leads us to questions of what is more important than our safety. Watch as he challenges us to examine our actions and what they say about what is important to us. Being a Christian is not safe.

Parable of the Sower

Come listen to Pastor Andy talk about the condition of our heart compared to dirt. See how he walks us through the process of us allowing our hearts to get in extremely bad shape. This makes us easy prey for Satan. Be courageous, examine your heart condition and allow Jesus to make it fertile.

Don’t Worry Be Happy/Joyful

Come listen to Pastor Andy and some  special guests break down what the words “do not” mean. Explore  the consequences of doing what you have been told not to do. Examine the promises that Jesus gave us so we do not need to worry. Ask yourself what does worrying buy you ? Discover what you […]

April 2020

God Hates Division

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about how God hates separation. Listen to the references in the bible that calls us to unity. See how living during this pandemic is tempting us to be severed and torn apart both socially and spiritually. Be careful to not lose the heart of the Lord and go off mission […]

Week of NFL/Jesus? 2020 draft

    Come join the fun of Pastor Andy talking about the assessment of college athletes prior to the NFL draft. See how he parallels it to being drafted on Jesus’ team as one of the original disciples. Listen to the draft board breakdown of the twelve and how they compare to current NFL player. […]