March 2021

Palm Sunday 2021

  Come hear Pastor Andy talk about what happened on Palm Sunday. Learn about what kingdom Jesus came to establish. Watch as the story progresses from  triumph to tragedy to eternity.  Listen to his 5 point sermon on the meaning of Palm Sunday and who God is and what it all meant to you. Finally, […]

April 2020

Easter Sunday 2020

Come see for the culmination of the what the Seder plate represents. Discover what is written on the mystery eggs. Dive into the meaning of the word “Life”. Walk through the price paid to make YOU alive by him who is alive. Celebrate the victory we have in Christ.

Palm Sunday 2020

  Come listen to the meaning of “Hosanna” with Pastor Andy. See the final tie of the shank bone in the Seder dinner. Examine how the Passover and the sacrifice applies to us today not just the Jews many years ago. Ask yourself these questions. Have you accepted your free gift  yet? Is there anyone […]

April 2018

Easter is No Joke

Easter is no joke. Jesus really lived. Jesus really died. And, Jesus really rose from the dead. Socrates, Aristotle, George Washington and even Abraham Lincoln are all famous people from history. Is there any less evidence that Jesus of Nazareth lived, died and rose again? Listen in as we explore some of the historical evidence […]

March 2018

Triumphal Entry

The excitement and exhilaration of the crowd on that first Palm Sunday quickly turned to hatred. In just a few short days the cries of, “Crown Him!” turned to shouts of, “Crucify Him!” Listen in as we take a deeper look at the event that kicked off the most important week in human history. Jesus was […]