October 2020

The Harvest

  Listen to Pastor Andy talk about the harvest and men not being able to harvest if they do not plant. He also talks about men sowing exactly what they are planting. So what are you planting? Next, he gets into the Bible’s warning about becoming weary which leads him to a discussion about the […]

State of the Culture

Listen to Pastor Andy talk about the world being in a hot mess. See how he draws a picture that causes us, the Christians to examine ourselves and take accountability. Watch as he breaks down a conditional promise of God that we are not fulfilling hence we are living out the consequences of it. Discover […]


Come hear a brief summary and sharing about  the teen ministry trip to the Tear Down The Walls ministry in Indianapolis, this past Friday, where they helped and fed the homeless. Listen to Pastor Andy transition into the concept of a kindness desert that we are living today. Love / kindness is the defining definition […]

September 2020


  Come hear Pastor Dax talk about the 3 ways of laziness . Listen to him challenge us with his experiences to not be physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually lazy. See how each one ties into each other. Lacking in one area of laziness impacts the performance of the other areas of laziness. Recognize how disruptive […]

Safety, Security. and Stability

  Come hear Pastor Andy reminiscence about the core statements of Fight Club six months  ago. Safety, Security, and Stability. Now, fast forward to our current  season of the Covid-19 pandemic,  financial unrest, global unrest, civil unrest, political  unrest, and natural unrest. Listen as he talks about the 3 ‘S’ terms above and them being […]