December 2019

The Word Became Flesh

  As we kickoff the Christmas season, come listen to Pastor Joe talk about the true importance of the Word becoming flesh. Discover why we absolutely need a relationship with Christ and the benefits that it comes with it.

September 2019

Get Unstuck

Come hear, Joel Williamson talk about his experiences in youth ministry and how people in general get  stuck in life. Listen as he discusses how we feel when we are stuck and the things that you must give up to get unstuck. Discover what joy is found when you are unstuck . Have the courage […]

February 2019


  Come hear how to speak truth into our lives and all those around us. Discover how we express love corporately. Learn the language of the Lord and the joy and hope it brings. 

January 2019

Who is Church?

What is the CHURCH? Is it a SHOW? Is it a PERFORMANCE? Is it an EVENT?   Come hear what Jesus says about the CHURCH. Understand how WHITEROCK functions within God’s WORD.


Come and hear Pastor Andy talk about having vision and fixing our eyes on eternity while not focusing on discouraging moments which will come. Our challenges and how we handle them should be our witness to the world.