March 2020

Brick and Mortar

This week’s Seder moment is about kharoset which represents mortar and the Israelite’s enslavement. Come listen to Pastor Andy talk about the hard times we are experiencing now and  the hope of the Messiah. Jesus holds us together, he gives us strength and he preserves us. Experience the challenge of exploring the foundation that your […]

Church is People not a Building

  Come listen to Pastor Andy take the first shot at a high tech remote broadcast sermon. Hear the Easter Seder update and how the bitter season that the Israelites passed through relates to this Corona virus season we are living now. Explore the emotions and decisions that we are facing now and how we […]

Do Not Be Afraid

Come hear Pastor talk about how Christians should respond to the scripture, ” In this  world you will have trouble.” John 16:33. How have and do Christians deal with Social Distancing ? What does your response say to those around you ?

Words of Life/Death ?

Come hear Youth minister, Joel talk about the incredible power of our words. Listen as  he leads the congregation through this unique youth ministry style sermon. Ponder what your words are giving birth to. Discover the benefits and pitfalls of your words.

Strengthen What Remains

  Come hear Pastor Krikor talk about how the enemy finds a way in while you are complacent and asleep. Discover the responsibilities of God’s church. Remember the power that lives within us . Explore what it truly means to not use the Lord’s name in vain.