August 2022

Missions Sunday 2022 Part 2

Come hear the WRF missions board talk about the origin and scope of missionary work in the Holy Scriptures. See how we are challenged to minister/witness locally, nationally and internationally. Hear them talk about how we are currently participating in organizations and will be participating in other organizations in the future. Be challenged to pray […]

July 2022

Missions Sunday 2022

Come hear Ron Harper, a member of the WRF Missions board, preach from his heart on being lost at one time and the sexual sin in this world. Dive into the theory of evolution and how it impacts our moral authority. God is the definer of moral authority. Hear the penalty of  God giving us […]

June 2021

Missions Sunday 2021

Come hear the WhiteRock missions board ( Jaki Allen, Erik Grice, Ron Harper, and Mark Hunt ) talk about how they are following the WhiteRock mission statement of Love, Learn, and Lead. Their focus during this sermon time is Learn. Hear reports, speakers, and videos about local, statewide and global missions efforts that we support. […]

July 2018

Missions Sunday

  Come and listen to the Missions Board team talk about all the missions that they have been led to support in the name of White Rock. Hear how each and everyone of us is called to prayer and to go make and disciples.