February 2021

God Does Not Change

  Come hear Pastor Marty talk about how he has come to understand/learn everything changes except God. Hear him lay out how he  struggles with the things that the world/culture has changed and redefined. Listen to him walk through how people both Christians and non Christians redefine things to make excuses for how they are […]

September 2020

Life of Peacefulness ?

  Come hear Pastor Marty talk about the Americanization of the church. Listen as he describes the role of the church and the trouble that should come when we are doing our job per the word of God. How easy has your path been lately ? Should it be easy? God has expectations for his […]

June 2020

Happy Father’s Day 2020/ Intergenerational

  Come hear Pastor Marty go into the 3rd letter ‘I’ in ‘WHITEROCK’.  ‘I’ stands for Intergenerational. Listen to Pastor Marty preach a message called ‘The 3 Chairs’ with his normal humor and stories.  See how he associates the 3 chairs to commitment, compromise, and conflict. Watch as he lays out the power,  influence and […]

November 2019

Month of Thanksgiving (Gratefulness)

Come hear Pastor Marty and the congregation share what they are grateful for. Listen as he talks about the importance of remembering where you came from and who you are  in order to be grateful. God loves all despite what we think.

June 2019

Father’s Day 2019

  Our culture has impacted how we view fathers. We struggle to find a good example of a father on t.v. today.  Even many of the churches have forgotten to support and teach the role of a Godly father. Most people’s image of God comes from their image of their earthly father which is not […]