June 2022

God Loves You

Come hear Pastor Marty talk about the whoes of the current economy and gas prices yet God is still loving us. Listen to him talk about all the personal problems that we as people have yet God is still loving us. Hear him talk about our goodness and discipline having nothing to do with God […]

January 2022

It is Not About You

Come hear Pastor Marty preaching on Jesus saying ‘Let’s Go’  to his disciples and them responding. Listen to him talk about how hard the disciple’s circumstances were yet they responded. Walk through the accuses that we use today to not respond and obey. Be challenged to care enough for people to lead them to Jesus. […]

July 2021

Make a Choice

Come hear Pastor Marty give a short sermon about what Joshua said prior to saying “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Marty emphasizes that Joshua said that he choses to do it. Listen to Marty breakdown all the choices that every day people make every day and how they do […]

February 2021

God Does Not Change

  Come hear Pastor Marty talk about how he has come to understand/learn everything changes except God. Hear him lay out how he  struggles with the things that the world/culture has changed and redefined. Listen to him walk through how people both Christians and non Christians redefine things to make excuses for how they are […]

September 2020

Life of Peacefulness ?

  Come hear Pastor Marty talk about the Americanization of the church. Listen as he describes the role of the church and the trouble that should come when we are doing our job per the word of God. How easy has your path been lately ? Should it be easy? God has expectations for his […]