October 2021


Come hear Pastor Krikor talk about the Hebrew word ‘Shema’. Listen to the recap of Jeremiah 44 and the refusal of the Israelites to follow God because it was not prosperous to them and the prophets call to repentance. Today, he picks up on how to not the love the world by following the 2 […]

Do Not Love the World

Come hear Pastor Krikor talk about the story behind the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. See how they both pleaded with Israel to change their idolatrous and prostitute like behaviors.  Listen to the response of Israel, saying they were not prosperous when they followed God. Next, see Krikor compare Israel of then to the people […]

June 2021

Overcomers in Christ

Come hear Pastor Krikor talk about a verse in the Book of Revelation that speaks of the conquering of Satan. Listen as he breaks down the verse in ancient Hebrew and Greek. See how scholars came up with the English translation of being washed white as snow and the deeper meaning it had to the […]

July 2020

Righteous – Not Guilty

  Come hear Pastor Krikor talk about the letter ‘R’ in ‘WHITEROCK ‘. The ‘R’ stands for ‘Righteous’. See how he contrasts the worldly definitions  of righteous ( my way, majority way, religious way, or the convenient faith way ) to God’s definition of righteous. Hear about all the moral chaos that is created when […]

March 2020

Strengthen What Remains

  Come hear Pastor Krikor talk about how the enemy finds a way in while you are complacent and asleep. Discover the responsibilities of God’s church. Remember the power that lives within us . Explore what it truly means to not use the Lord’s name in vain.