July 2020


  Come hear Pastor Joel talk about how God helped him with a very recent and challenging life moment and how God calls us as Christians to deal with life’s    challenges. Listen to him talk about the letter ‘E’ in ‘WHITEROCK ‘. The ‘E’ stands for ‘Eternal’. See how every Christian is expected to not […]

March 2020

Words of Life/Death ?

Come hear Youth minister, Joel talk about the incredible power of our words. Listen as  he leads the congregation through this unique youth ministry style sermon. Ponder what your words are giving birth to. Discover the benefits and pitfalls of your words.

September 2019

Get Unstuck

Come hear, Joel Williamson talk about his experiences in youth ministry and how people in general get  stuck in life. Listen as he discusses how we feel when we are stuck and the things that you must give up to get unstuck. Discover what joy is found when you are unstuck . Have the courage […]