December 2020

How to Make 2021 Your Year

Come hear Pastor Dax talk about the 3 ways to make 2021 your year. 1. Recognize how you have grown. Have you changed due to the painful or bad experiences that you have endured ?  2.  Realize change is on you. Are you using everything at your disposal to fight ? 3. Remember who you […]

September 2020


  Come hear Pastor Dax talk about the 3 ways of laziness . Listen to him challenge us with his experiences to not be physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually lazy. See how each one ties into each other. Lacking in one area of laziness impacts the performance of the other areas of laziness. Recognize how disruptive […]

June 2020


  Come hear Pastor Dax go into the 2nd letter ‘H’ in ‘WHITEROCK’.  ‘H’ stands for Hope. Listen as he talks about us serving a ‘God of All Hope’ and how he sees hope in the story of the woman caught in adultery in John. Learn to look for hope in all aspects of life […]

June 2019

Siege War

Come explore with Pastor Dax how to fight off Satan’s attacks on our foundation. Discover the importance of just being there for each other providing support and care. Learn to resist the urges to attack people or run away. Resolve to let your offense to be your best defense. Do not let fear rule your […]

November 2018


  We live in a very negative world and there are many dangers of sinicism. Yes, that is misspelled on purpose. Come and explore why that is.