September 2021

Labor Day 2021

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about whether work is a blessing or a curse. Hear him talk about the consequences of sin and its impact on the concept of work.  See the association of work/labor to worship. Listen to Pastor Andy interview several members of his congregation about the concepts of work being an act […]

August 2021

He Sees You

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about his misadventure to Bois Blanc  “Bob Low” Island, MI. Hear paralleling lessons of delayed gratification,  patience, endurance and isolation. See how trials can become blessings. Learn of God’s great love surrounding us. God sees you.

June 2021

Teachable Spirit

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about God wanting his people to have a teachable spirit. Hear him talk about the challenges of graduates and everyone else on the planet to beat their bodies into submission and stand firm in God’s word. See him parallel living in Christ with wearing glasses and building IKEA furniture. Track […]

May 2021

Memorial Day 2021

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day and how we honor those who served and remember those who never returned. Listen to him tie both these holidays to sacrifice that deserves respect regardless of different  viewpoints. See him breakdown the word ‘patriotism’ and  connect a main principle of it to a […]

April 2021

Christ’s Resurrection has Purpose

  Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the necessity of Christ rising from the dead and the impact it has on everyone’s life. See how mortality was transferred to immortality. Remember there is great hope and power in the Resurrection and it allows to stand firm and do his work.