November 2022

On Earth as it is in Heaven (Wrap-up)

Come hear Pastor Andy expand on Pastor Krikor’s series ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’ by having an interview with a mixed cross section of the congregation and asking them ‘What did you get out of the series?’ Hear answers like. It was amazing and rich. It was unexpected. It was clarifying and gave […]

October 2022


Come hear Pastor Andy start his sermon with a portion of a song about victory in the death of Christ.  Transition into a statistic about fear in America. Listen to the causes of fear and the debilitating effects of fear.  Hear the commands from God to his people to not be fearful. Explore the ‘Halloween’ […]


Come hear Pastor Andy recap the ‘Get Yer Butts to Church’ Sunday and the calling of it. Listen to him joke with an old member visiting who is a New England Patriot fan and transition to ‘Doubt’, the primary weapon of Satan. See how Satan has questioned our trust in God since the beginning of […]

Get Yer Butts to Church Sunday

Come here Pastor Andy talk about being justified and thank the guys who cooked the pork butts for our free lunch today. See him transition into the scripture about the return of Jesus. Examine the word ‘unswervingly’ with a funny practical example from our everyday living. How much are you fighting God’s guidance? Dive into […]

September 2022

Baptism Sunday

Start with the old song ‘Splish, Splash, I was taking a bath’ to celebrate Baptism Sunday. Quickly go through the definition and purpose of  Baptism. Walk through the 3 main components essential to any baptism. Hear Corey read and share the  meaning of each person’s name being baptized and the scripture that honors their name.