April 2021

Christ’s Resurrection has Purpose

  Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the necessity of Christ rising from the dead and the impact it has on everyone’s life. See how mortality was transferred to immortality. Remember there is great hope and power in the Resurrection and it allows to stand firm and do his work.

March 2021

Palm Sunday 2021

  Come hear Pastor Andy talk about what happened on Palm Sunday. Learn about what kingdom Jesus came to establish. Watch as the story progresses from  triumph to tragedy to eternity.  Listen to his 5 point sermon on the meaning of Palm Sunday and who God is and what it all meant to you. Finally, […]

Bible Bracketology

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the difference between what can separate us from the love of God and what can separate us from God. Listen as he uses a basketball bracket to describe a Christians travels through life to the eternal trophy at the end. With each trial/game comes a harder challenge to get […]

Beach 2.0

  Come hear Pastor Andy talk more about the beach and what seashells from John and Billie’s beach home teach us about God. Each and every seashell tells a story of death despite the beauty and awe. All of creation will be a victim of death but Jesus has provided a way out. Seashells also […]

Beach Sunday

  Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the 3 main things that the beach teaches us about God. 1. ) God is ever-present. Do you act like he is ? 2. ) God is powerful and just but he does not give up. Are you prepared for and responding to his pursuit ? Do you […]