January 2021

The Toothbrush

  Come hear Pastor Andy poke fun at the history of the toothbrush and use it as an analogy to remind us of our mission for Jesus Christ in 2021. See how he uses the function of a toothbrush to describe what we as Christians should be. Are you doing what you have been commanded […]

December 2020

No Vacancy

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the importance of the Christmas story and the struggle / joy there is in  preaching on it each year. Watch as he breaks down the roles in the Children’s Christmas Pageant and stops on the role of the inn keeper. Discover the significance of there being no room in […]

Christmas In Chaos

  Come hear Pastor Andy talk about this Christmas and the chaos that is going on. Watch as he tears down the glamorization of the first Christmas and discuss the true  chaos going at that time. It was hard for Mary and Joseph but they did have a guiding light.  During these chaotic times, are […]

November 2020

Battlefield of the Heart

  Come hear Pastor Andy talk about Christian athletes and how they have and will rally around the verse,  Philippians 4:13. Listen as he speaks of the context of this verse and how it leads to this confidence in the Lord. See how this concept is much bigger than sports and actually goes to the […]

Thanksgiving 2020

      Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the meaning of Thanksgiving. He explains how it is an active word. Hear as he opens up the microphone to the congregation to give thanks. Listen to Andy’s one Thanksgiving thought and challenge. “WRF 2020_11_22”. Released: 2020. Track 1.