January 2018

Three Weeks of Pain: Time

Our most precious resource. What exactly is time, and how are we supposed to be stewards of it? Listen in as we explore this important topic. Discover if you are you an hourglass half full or an hourglass half empty Christian? Prepare to be challenged about how you spend this non-renewable, precious resource.

Three Weeks of Pain: Energy

Exhausted? Running on fumes? Welcome to American 2018! All of us are crazy busy, and energy is at a premium. Listen in as we explore topics like: rest, nutrition and exercise and what God has to say about how we manage this critical resource, and how he expects us to use it.

Three Weeks of Pain: Money

16 our 38 parable Jesus told dealt with how we handle money and possessions. Jesus had a lot to say about money and how we handle it. Listen in as we explore what Jesus taught and how a follower of Christ ought to manage this important resource.

December 2017

Things to Bring From and Leave Behind in 2017

A Teeny Christmas Program