April 2018

Easter is No Joke

Easter is no joke. Jesus really lived. Jesus really died. And, Jesus really rose from the dead. Socrates, Aristotle, George Washington and even Abraham Lincoln are all famous people from history. Is there any less evidence that Jesus of Nazareth lived, died and rose again? Listen in as we explore some of the historical evidence surrounding the resurrection. And learn why Easter is so important. Could it be that Jesus really did rise from the dead?

March 2018

Triumphal Entry

The excitement and exhilaration of the crowd on that first Palm Sunday quickly turned to hatred. In just a few short days the cries of, “Crown Him!” turned to shouts of, “Crucify Him!” Listen in as we take a deeper look at the event that kicked off the most important week in human history. Jesus was not who they thought He was…and perhaps He’s not who you think He is either.

Set Your Face As Flint

Knowing it was time, Jesus set His face as flint and set out for Jerusalem. Listen in as we explore the resolve and determination of Jesus, and what it looks like for us to be undeterred in our mission. From knowing the right time to seeing it through, Jesus sets the stage for us to accomplish God’s call for our own lives.

Younger Women

The final piece to the puzzle. Join us as we unpack what it looks like to be a younger woman who honors the Lord. Listen in as we attempt to tackle tough issues like marriage roles, parenting, family life, kindness, purity and so much more. If you’re a younger woman, don’t miss this important teaching!

Older Women

Older women are critical to the health and life of the church. God’s call and His purpose for older women is challenging and inspiring. Listen in and prayerfully consider the impact and ministry that God calls older women to engage in to bring hope and strength to the life of the church.