May 2018

God’s Family

Church is family. And God’s family is on mission. At White Rock, we are growing! We’re running out of room. We are out of parking space and out of elbow room! As God continues to build His church, we are faced with a big reality. Make some room or start sitting on the person next to you! Listen in as Pastor Andy and the church board share where God is leading His church. Don’t miss the adventure that lies ahead!

April 2018

Women’s Retreat 2018 Recap (Sojourner)

Listen to recap of the Women’s 2018 Retreat . The theme was sojourner which is temporary resident. Where do you reside?

Testosterone Sunday (Parable of the Sower)

This is that one special weekend of the year when a majority of the women are gone on women’s retreat and the guys get a little crazy. Filling the church with motorcy


Do you prext? Not familiar with prexting? Then you’ve found the right place! Listen in as we look at prayer in a whole new light. Applying principles of modern technology and communication, we might just discover some practical and powerful insights into the most important relationship we have!


Jesus came to redeem us. Come and hear Pastor Marty and his special guest, Krikor Mnatzaganian, talk about how and what redemption in your life will and can do.
Video: part 1, part 2