June 2018

Do you understand your desperate condition?

Blind…poor…and desperate. Listen in as we explore Jesus’ interaction with a man named Bartimaeus. Sitting against the city gates as Jesus leaves Jericho, Bartimaeus cries out to the Lord and experiences an amazing transformation. He understood his condition, cried out in humility and with determination, and was changed forever. Join us as we explore how Jesus offers you and I the same life changing experience as we come to Him. 


God is THE change agent

Change is never really all that comfortable. In fact, other than a baby with a dirty diaper, nobody really, REALLY loves major change. It’s unsettling, uncomfortable and can be hard to proces

May 2018

Men’s Retreat 2018 Recap (Rewilding)

Listen to the men of White Rock and Pastor Andy talk about the concept of Rewilding Christians. Rewilding is restoring (an area of land) to its natural
uncultivated state (used especially with reference to the reintroduction of species of wild animal that have been driven out or exterminated).”Talk of rewilding North America gives some people nightmares of wolves running through the streets of Chicago and of grizzlies in LA”.

Reckless Love

Can God’s love be reckless? Look at the definition of reckless and listen to Shirley Schmidt discuss this question while the men of White Rock are gone on Men’s Retreat.

Mother’s Day (A Godly Motherhood)

There are 4  fours things that characterize “Godly Motherhood”.
1. Loving us unconditionally.
2. Meets us in our Mess.
3. Being honest with us.
4. Leading us to transformation.
Come listen to Dax Allen unpack this in the story of Ruth and Naomi.