August 2018

Light It Up – Part 3 (Anger)

Answers to Anger :
What is anger? Is anger sinful? What do you do with your anger? How do you control your anger? How do other people perceive your anger?

July 2018

Light It Up – Part 2 (Liar, Liar)

God deals in Truth.
Satan deals in Lies.
Who do you listen to ?

Light It Up – Part 1 (Shining)

In Ephesians chapter 4, God calls his sons and daughters to SHINE in the midst of the darkness. But to do that, we have to live differently than the world around us. L

Youth Retreat (Who Am I?)

Come and listen to how the Youth Retreat of 2018 changed our kids. Listen to how they now reject how the world sees them and accept how God sees them. We are all children of God.

Representative Republic

Independence Day is a great day of celebration in our nation. Being part of this Representative Republic is a huge honor and carries great responsibility. Listen in as we explore how our great nation affects our relationship with Jesus Christ. There are so many amazing benefits and one major obstacle that’s really important to think through. Join us as we strive to be Christian Americans that impact our nation and the world!