March 2018

Older Women

Older women are critical to the health and life of the church. God’s call and His purpose for older women is challenging and inspiring. Listen in and prayerfully consider the impact and ministry that God calls older women to engage in to bring hope and strength to the life of the church.

February 2018

Younger Men

What does it look like to be a “younger man” following Jesus? Listen in as we dive into Titus 2 and grapple with the challenges and adventure that God calls younger men to live out! Standing in the midst of a rushing current, called to action, fighting temptation and more await as you explore this powerful passage for younger men.

Older Men

Join us as we explore being the church described in Titus 2. This week we take a challenging look at what it means to be an “older man” in the body of Christ. God has a unique and critically important role for older men to carry out in His church. Learn about the mission and purpose that God has designed for older men who are faithfully following Jesus Christ.

What’s My Motivation?

Motivation. We use the term often, but what is motivation? And more than that, what is it that motivates me? Listen in as we attempt to unpack the concept; exploring topics like drive theory, instinct theory, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Learn about the unsustainability of motivations like money, pleasure, position and image. Discover God’s design and be compelled by the love of Christ to be the person God is calling you to be.

Classic Rock Sunday

Listen in as members of the congregation share some of their story of how God has lead and delivered over the years in their lives.