July 2021

Commitment VS Convenience

Come hear Pastor Scott talk about the difference between convenience and commitment. Listen to him examine and compare the literal dictionary definition of each word. See the difference and impact on our families and the world that a committed and inconvenienced Christian can have. Hear Scott’s pers

Independence Day 2021

Come hear Pastor Rusty during an outdoor service talk about his love of freedom, being raised a military brat, his father being buried in Arlington Cemetery and him speaking and leading prayer on the Indianapolis capital stairs in the past using a pocket copy of the Declaration of I

June 2021

Missions Sunday 2021

Come hear the WhiteRock missions board ( Jaki Allen, Erik Grice, Ron Harper, and Mark Hunt ) talk about how they are following the WhiteRock mission statement of Love, Learn, and Lead. Their focus during this sermon time is Learn. Hear reports, speakers, and videos about local, statewide and global missions e

Father’s Day 2021

Come hear Pastor Dax start his sermon with a funny video on expert father tips. Afterwards, listen to him talk about the difficulty in finding good material teaching fatherhood. Walk through his 3 biblical unorthodox lessons of fatherhood with biblical examples of fathers. Learn how God uses the weakness of men to make them great fathers and men as long as they are committed to him.

Overcomers in Christ

Come hear Pastor Krikor talk about a verse in the Book of Revelation that speaks of the conquering of Satan. Listen as he breaks down the verse in ancient Hebrew and Greek. See how scholars came up with the English translation of being washed white as snow and the deeper meaning it had to the