May 2022

Baptism Sunday

Come and enjoy the baptism of several young people who are publicly dedicating their lives to Christ. Hear Pastor Andy talk about the origin of the word ‘baptism’ and explain how baptism relates to Christian life. Understand the significance of baptism. Give witness to the beginning of several new lives. Finally, discover why baptism is done per the scriptures. Stand for Christ. Identify as children of God.

Testosterone Sunday 2022

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the upcoming Baptist/events and move to his sermon on construction. Listen as he examines the purpose and usage of a blueprint. See how God is the designer of creation and of us. Discover the model that he used for creation and us. Walk through the

Happy Mother’s Day

Come hear Preacher Andy’s recap of the amazing giving by the church to Steve Carrier from the Power Force Team and the teen Lip Sync Battle fundraiser last Sunday. Listen to him breakdown an acronym of ‘Mother’ from the eyes of their children. Discover how scriptu

Be A Rope Holder (Make A Difference)

Come hear an answer to Preacher Andy’s prayer with the fun and encouraging message of Steve Carrier from the Power Force Team. Listen to his divine appointment of preaching the gospel by explaining  why he does this and the results of what he is doing. Feel the excitement and compassion of his calling.

April 2022


Come hear Pastor Andy remind and encourage us to come and invite others to the powerful sermon of the Next Generation Power Force team next Sunday. After this, listen to him break down the act