September 2021

Labor Day 2021

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about whether work is a blessing or a curse. Hear him talk about the consequences of sin and its impact on the concept of work.  See the association of work/labor to worship. Listen to Pastor Andy interview several members o

August 2021

He Sees You

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about his misadventure to Bois Blanc  “Bob Low” Island, MI. Hear paralleling lessons of delayed gratification,  patience, endurance and isolation. See how trials can become blessings. Learn of God’s great love surrounding us. God sees you.

Toy Adventure VBS 2021

Come hear the VBS recap by Mr. Ryan, Pastor Andy, and the puppet crew.  Listen to them talk about the 3 themes of each night. See them demonstrate how they taught the children: 1.) God can and will change us, 2.) God loves us despite all our flaws and problems and 3.) We are called to go and make d

July 2021

Youth Retreat 2021

Come hear the WRF Youth leaders and Youth talk about their retreat to Arkansas. Listen to them speak on the theme of the retreat called the 7 “I am” statements. Discover what they learned about peace, the light, the gate, the way, the Resurrection/life, the bread of life and the true grapevine. Se

Make a Choice

Come hear Pastor Marty give a short sermon about what Joshua said prior to saying “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Marty emphasizes that Joshua said that he choses to do it. Listen to Marty breakdown all the choices that every day people make every day and how they do not really depict making a true