November 2019

Month of Thanksgiving (Choices)

As we now move into the Fall season, listen to Pastor Andy kick off the entire month of ‘Thanksgiving’. Listen to a true testimony of someone choosing to be thankful. Join Pastor Andy as he breaks apart the process of being of being thankful. Discover the what, the why, the when and the how of thankfulness. See the impact of thankfulness and the lack of thankfulness on our lives.

October 2019

Nehemiah (Celebration) – Part IX

Come listen to Pastor Andy talk about how Nehemiah stood up against relentless opposition and completed his task of rebuilding the wall. See how any thing can be accomplished with the help of our God and how God leads us along a path of repentance and restoration to freedom if you have passion, stand firm, focus and trust in him. Where is your path leading you? Are you celebrating? Are preparing to celebrate?

Nehemiah – Alignment (Take a look around you) – Part VIII

Come explore with Pastor Andy how Nehemiah is being angered by the social injustices going on around him. Are you angered by social injustices going around you? Whether you are or you are not, it leads to the questions of who ultimately determines truth, does the ultimate authority even care about those being exploited, and how should the people of God walk in their given circumstances?

Nehemiah – Fear – Part VII

Now the opposition has escalated in the book of Nehemiah and it is intimidating. Listen to how the people are starting to be influenced by the enemy.   Are you afraid? Are you weary?  Discover how Nehemiah inspired the people to both be on the offensive and defensive  against the darkness. Do you know how to drive out the darkness ? Do you even realize that you are in a battle ? Do you have the necessary weapons/tools to work and fight? Are you fighting alone? 

Nehemiah – Even More Opposition – Part VI

The book of Nehemiah Chapter 4 reminds us that when the people of God are doing his works, the opposition intensifies and the stress increases. Discover how the enemy attacks their weaknesses and the Lord uses those weaknesses in his strength. Learn how God protects his people and gives them the