June 2022

God Loves You

Come hear Pastor Marty talk about the whoes of the current economy and gas prices yet God is still loving us. Listen to him talk about all the personal problems that we as people have yet God is still loving us. Hear him talk about our goodness and discipline having nothing to do with God loving us. Walk th

Happy Father’s Day 2022 (Construction Dad Zone)

Come hear a combo Father’s Day and VBS sermon about God’s command not to exasperate your children but instead train and instruct in love. Listen to the dictionary and biblical definition of exasperation. Walk through the things that provoke exasperation so you are aware of them. See how a dad’s behavior sets an image of God and his love in the eyes of their children. Discover the responsibilities of a dad and when they stop. Learn the importance of the dad’s voice.

Structural Integrity

Come hear Pastor Andy give a preview of the upcoming Construction Kids Vacation Bible School this week and hear him tie his sermon to the concept of structural Integrity. Listen as he breaks down the words ‘structural’ and ‘integrity’ and relates them to our lives. Walk through the differences between w

Graduation Sunday 2022

Come hear Pastor Andy celebrate the graduations of several high school and college kids in the church. Listen as he discusses the great accomplishments and successes of the students and how it relates to our growth in Christ. Explore the continuous calling God has on our

May 2022

Memorial Day 2022

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the Memorial Day weekend with all the racing, camping, traveling,  and good weather. Listen to him as he talks about how his wife, Jaime has trained their boys to thank Veterans