August 2020

Armor of God


Come hear Pastor Andy talk about being strong through the power of the Lord and standing against the devil’s army. Listen to his challenging questions.  Are you at war and fighting for spiritual issues? Are you retreating ? Are you attacking or are you standing ? Are you being passive or assertive ? What truth are you standing  in ? What/Who are you following ? What defenses do you have to protect you and your family ? Are you ready ?

Strange Reality of 2020 / FELLOWSHIP

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about where our hope should be really anchored. Listen as he challenges us with the following questions and more. Where does your security come from ? How is your heart doing ? Where is peace found ? How grateful are you for all that you have been given ? What is your foundation based on ? Finally,  discover how the word ‘FELLOWSHIP’ represents God’s people. Remember, the rewards for your endurance is overcoming, eternal victory, and rejoicing despite the current circumstances.

God Hates Math Part 2

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about how God teaches us to approach and handle division. Listen as he examines how people justify their anger and the wake of destruction that it leaves behind. See how God’s people should not even comprehend how to get angry because of the grace that we have been given. Finally, step through God’s   strategy to deescalate division and show others that you value them and their opinion. Leave opportunity for a relationship to develop and a soul be saved. It’s your choice not theirs.

Kinfolk – Family


Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the final letter in ‘WHITEROCK ‘. The ‘K’ stands for ‘Kinfolk’.  See how we are family because we are children of God. Discover how we became blood relatives. Examine how this relationship is legitimized and the rights and responsibilities we are given as legal heirs. Finally, walk through how family resolves differences of opinion and still love each other. Our main responsibility as members of God’s family is to nurture and grow his family. Everyone needs a true family who loves you regardless.

July 2020



Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the letter ‘C’ in ‘WHITEROCK ‘. The ‘C’ stands for ‘Christlike’.  Listen as he challenges us to examine our behavior and mindset compared to Jesus. What are you projecting to others around you ? Are you opening doors for Christ by who you are ?