October 2021

Do Not Love the World

Come hear Pastor Krikor talk about the story behind the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. See how they both pleaded with Israel to change their idolatrous and prostitute like behaviors.  Listen to the response of Israel, saying they were not prosperous when they followed God. Next

The Canyons

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about Utah, the next destination on their adventure. Listen to him describe the canyons and how they relate to the hard times in our lives. Hear how people go as close as they can to the edge of canyons and this is similar to how people respond to sin i

September 2021

The Arkansas River

Come hear Pastor Andy compare his family adventure of whitewater rafting down the Arkansas River to peaceful and life giving waters that God promised to us. Hear him talk about the fears, rules, and observations involved with whitewa

The Rocky Mountains

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about his family driving toward the Rocky Mountains with storms in their path.  Experience the story of  Josiah’s drive to the top of Pike’s Peak during a race

The Watchman

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about all of us being called to be a watchman. Listen to him talk about the Texas abortion law and the church of Satan. See how the church of Satan is positioning themselves as advocates of the marginalized because they claim