January 2021

The Toothbrush


Come hear Pastor Andy poke fun at the history of the toothbrush and use it as an analogy to remind us of our mission for Jesus Christ in 2021. See how he uses the function of a toothbrush to describe what we as Christians should be. Are you doing what you have been commanded to do thereby fulfilling your function ? Who are relying on for the strength to fulfill your function  ? Listen to the 3 simple steps to help fulfill this function as a church in 2021.

Divided States of America

Come hear Pastor Andy preach about the division going on throughout the country at almost every level. See how he explains the church is called to be something different but it has been affected by the stench of division. Listen as he talks about Jesus’ prayer at the last sermon for protection for all of us including the disciples against division. Jesus knew the division that we have/will face. This was/is a number 1 priority for Jesus for us. Satan wants us divided so that we will be destroyed.


2021 Hindsight


Come hear Pastor Andy revisit his first couple of sermons in January of 2020 with 2021 hindsight.  The first week, he talked about God’s steadiness and abundance. He focused on havi

December 2020

How to Make 2021 Your Year

Come hear Pastor Dax talk about the 3 ways to make 2021 your year. 1. Recognize how you have grown. Have you changed due to the painful or bad experiences that you have endured ?  2.  Realize change is on you. Are you using everything at your disposal to fight ? 3. Remember who you serve. Do you give up at every little obstacle and not realize God’s power ?

Unto Us A Child Is Born

Please click the video link to watch and listen to “Unto Us A Child Is Born” by WhiteRock Fellowship.