December 2019

The significance of the 3 king’s gift – Gold

Come listen to Pastor Andy talk about the importance of the 3 king’s gift of gold to the baby Jesus. Discover: What this first gift provided? What this gift meant? All leading to: Who is the authority in your life now?

The Word Became Flesh

As we kickoff the Christmas season, come listen to Pastor Joe talk about the true importance of the Word becoming flesh. Discover why we absolutely need a relationship with Christ and the benefits that it comes with it.

November 2019

Month of Thanksgiving (Mindset)

Listen to a little video about being thankful for everyday and ordainary things. From there, Pastor Andy builds on his last sermon before Thanksgiving Day, about living a life of thankfulness instead of just a day of thankfulness. See how he parallels the journey of the Israelites in the desert to our modern day existence.

Month of Thanksgiving (Gratefulness)

Come hear Pastor Marty and the congregation share what they are grateful for. Listen as he talks about the importance of remembering where you came from and who you are  in order to be grateful. God loves all despite what we think.

Month of Thanksgiving (Active)

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about living a life of true thankfulness and the things that oppose that. Learn a little alliteration to help you live in this ungrateful culture.