September 2020

Men’s Retreat 2020/ Lone Wolf


Come hear a brief summary from a few men about their experiences on this year’s Men’s Retreat. Listen to Pastor Andy talk about the ‘Lone Wolf’ and the myth of their strength and power. We as people need other people and without them, we will be destroyed. We need relationships because God is relational and he made us in his image . Discover the 4 stair steps of ‘True Friendship’. It is job to close the distance that people are facing in this world today.


Come hear Pastor Dax talk about the 3 ways of laziness . Listen to him challenge us with his experiences to not be physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually lazy. See how each one ties into each other. Lacking in one area of laziness impacts the performance of the other areas of laziness. Recognize how disruptive laziness is to God’s plan for his people. Think about how disrespectful laziness is to God. Think about how much better the world will be if we were less lazy.

Safety, Security. and Stability


Come hear Pastor Andy reminiscence about the core statements of Fight Club six months  ago. Safety, Security, and Stability. Now, fast forward to our current  season of the Covid-19 pandemic,  financial unrest, global unrest, civil unrest, political  unrest, and natur

Life of Peacefulness ?


Come hear Pastor Marty talk about the Americanization of the church. Listen as he describes the role of the church and the trouble that should come when we are doing our job per the word of God. How easy has your path been lately ? Should it be easy? God has expectations for his children and it is their obligation to speak against all evil. Jesus is the answer to all unrest known to mankind.

August 2020

Murder – Anger ?


Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the heart of the law that Jesus talks about in Matthew 5.  See as Jesus says the sin of murder is equivalent to the anger. As a Christian or non Christian, do you struggle with a sin of judgment (murder/anger) ? Do you see them as the same? Does anger block your ability to listen and show empathy ? Anger causes division and God hates that just as much as murder.  They are closely related and impact the work of the Lord.