July 2022


Come hear Pastor Andy start the sermon with the “Don’t Worry Be Happy” song and talk about how Christians should find joy in Christ. Hear him talk about anxiety and our feelings as people whether Christian or non-Christian. See how scripture addresses

Hopelessness vs Faithfulness

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the  hopelessness in our society today. Hear how the circumstance of hopelessness should not exist in the life of a follower of Jesus Christ  because of the faithfu

Committed to God

Come hear Pastor Dax talk about being committed to God based on the story of Moses and the Exodus. Learn to what it takes to live a life committed to God. Examine the different impacts and results that come from living a life committed to God. Be challenged to determine where your commitment lays.

Missions Sunday 2022

Come hear Ron Harper, a member of the WRF Missions board, preach from his heart on being lost at one time and the sexual sin in this world. Dive into the theory of evolution and how it impacts our moral authority. God is

Teen Retreat 2022

Come hear Pastor Dax summarize the teen retreat and its theme of “Knowing God”.  Listen to the youth, starting with the seniors, explain what they got out of the retreat. Hear the emotion and excitement in their voices as they explain the rise of the younger teens in leadership and the new world ahead of them. Se