January 2020


Come explore with Pastor Andy the possibility of God calling you to do exactly what you were doing in 2019 in a better and more purposeful way in 2020 with a better reason.

Perfect Vision 2020

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the vision that God may have for your life which leads to the following questions: 1.) How is your depth perception of things around you ? 2.)  Are you seeing clearly ? 3.) What are you focusing on ?

December 2019

Looking Back @ 2019

Come listen to Pastor Andy recap the 2019 sermon series and talk about all the changes that has occurred in our society over the past year. Explore the positives and negatives of 2019. Find hope in the only unchanging thing. Find peace in what is available to each and every one of us. Learn how to move forward into 2020 with both hope and peace.

The significance of the 3 king’s gift – Myrrh

Come listen to Pastor Andy talk about the final gift of myrrh. See how this gift gave the message that Jesus came to die so that we may live. Listen to Pastor Andy summarize how all the gifts presented by the wise men directly referenced who Jesus was and going to be. Do not waste these gifts and sacrifices that God gave us because he wants to provide for us just like the wise men wanted to do for the baby Jesus.

The significance of the 3 king’s gift – Frankincense

Come listen to Pastor Andy talk about the gift of frankincense. See how this gift is transformational to our relationship and communications with God.