November 2020

Battlefield of the Heart


Come hear Pastor Andy talk about Christian athletes and how they have and will rally around the verse,  Philippians 4:13. Listen as he speaks of the context of this verse and how it leads to this confidence in the Lord. See how this concept is much bigger than sports and actually goes to the heart level. Watch as he challenges us to be content with life in general during this strange,  strange year. Discover the secret sauce of life.

Thanksgiving 2020


Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the meaning of Thanksgiving. He explains how it is an active word. Hear as he opens up the microphone to the congregation to give thanks. Listen to Andy’s one Thanksgiving thought and challenge.
“WRF 2020_11_22”. Released: 2020. Track 1.

Going Forward

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the confusion of the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the state of Indiana today and what we need to do as God’s people moving forward by looking into the past of the Bible. Listen as he asks 3 not so simple questions that faced the Israelites. 1. ) What’s on

Celebration Sunday

Come celebrate with Pastor  Andy the fact that  Lord is  sovereign over everything including the pandemic, the lingering shutdown, the political situation, the financial situation, and our own personal situations. What is your hope anchored in ? What is your perspective ? Do you have an eternal or now view ? Finally, discover the reality of our adoption in Christ.

International Day of Prayer For the Persecuted Church 2020

Come and participate in praying for the International Persecuted Church. Hear the statistics and shared experiences and stories of the persecuted church, presented by the White Rock Fellowship Missions Board. Listen to Pastor Andy talk about the joy