February 2021

Mind Your Ps and Qs

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about being told as a kid to ‘Mind His Ps and Qs’. Watch as he applies this concept to both marriages and relationships. Listen to him challenge all of us with specific and hard questions about our relationships. Here are a few: How hard are you working at it ? Are you making the most of your opportunities ? How is relationship perceived by the world ? Where is your heart at ? How serious is your relationship to you ?

S’s of Marriage

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about S’s of marriage defined by God. See how much God loves us and uses marriage as a means of protection, a foundation of our life,  a source of stability, a sense of emotional bonding and pleasure. Discover another trinity in God’s design for this world and his people. Hear the destruction that can be caused by living outside God’s design for marriage. Finally, hear the power God’s forgiveness and love that can restore us all.


Just before this holiday of love, come hear Pastor Andy talk about the different definitions of marriage in our culture and what God calls marriage. Discover how serious God takes marriage. God wants only the best for us.

January 2021


Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the true definition of evangelism from its Greek roots. See him unpack this churchy word into friendship and relationship. Discover how relationship is related to friendship but is different.  Relationship is essential to communica

Reach Initiative


Come hear Pastor Andy explain how the word ‘initiative’ is defined by action and strategy. Also listen to him define the word ‘reach’ and its association to intentionality. Watch as he defines the objective and scope of this ‘Reach Initiative ‘.  See how the life of the church is focused around this objective. God’s heart is and always has been focused on this initiative for all his people. Finally, explore some the steps involved in the ‘Reach Initiative’ project plan. Be committed and push forward.