November 2021

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church and Orphan Sunday

Come hear various members of the WRF missions board and staff talk about the celebration and recognition of the International Day of Prayer (IDOP), the persecuted church,  and Orphan Sunday with passion and care. Listen to a preview of new public movie about persecution coming to theaters soon. Hear and pray for Burma, Ethiopia, and Iran missionaries that WRF support. Also hear a video about adoption and orphans. Finally, hear a couple from WRF be interviewed about their International adoption and close in prayer for adoption and fostering families.

October 2021


Come hear Pastor Andy interview an aka ‘Gender Specialist’ about the confusion going on in our schools and society about gender. Discover how gender is truly defined and see the clarity of God’s word.  Listen to the scientific explanation of the human chromosomes and how they deter


Come hear Pastor Krikor talk about the Hebrew word ‘Shema’. Listen to the recap of Jeremiah 44 and the refusal of the Israelites to follow God because it was not prosperous to them and the prophets call to repentance. Today, he picks up on how to not the lo

The Wild West

Come hear Pastor Andy’s final talk about his trip to what he calls the “Wild West” and its strange and weird landscapes. Hear him connect the strangeness of the “Wild West” to the strangeness of the world that Christians are living in now.

Do Not Love the World

Come hear Pastor Krikor talk about the story behind the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. See how they both pleaded with Israel to change their idolatrous and prostitute like behaviors.  Listen to the response of Israel, saying they were not prosperous when they followed God. Next