September 2022

Baptism Sunday

Start with the old song ‘Splish, Splash, I was taking a bath’ to celebrate Baptism Sunday. Quickly go through the definition and purpose of  Baptism. Walk through the 3 main components essential to any baptism. Hear Corey read and share the  meaning of each person’s name being baptized and the scripture that honors their name.

Be On Guard

Come hear him Pastor Andy extend the challenge to step up your prayer life one more step and week. Listen to him talk about being on guard and being desensitized. Walkthrough in the Greek, what the phrase ‘be on guard’ means and what is needed to do it. Start with courage then go to strength, […]


Come hear Pastor Andy give a recap of where he was at and what he was doing when 911 occurred 21 years ago. Recap  how his mother talked of the suddenness of the Kennedy assassination many years prior. Listen to him talk about the suddenness of the Covid-19 pandemic just a few years ago.  Pray […]

Labor Day 2022

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about Labor Day weekend and the Waite traditional of it being a day of labor. Hear how labor has gotten a bad vibe over the years. Work today is described as evil and tyranny. See in the Bible how work was never intended to be bad. Actually God even worked. […]

August 2022

The One, True God

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about statistics and how they are easy to manipulate and how they are sometimes inaccurate. Transition into some interesting statistics about the beliefs of Christian teenagers on who God is. Listen to how these statistics are evident in our society and classrooms. Discover the substance and definition of truth. Dive […]