---Preteen’s Ministry

Being a 5th & 6th grader is a pretty big deal. Not quite a teenager, but not really a little kid anymore. At White Rock, we take preteen ministry seriously. With a special preteen class and events specifically geared to connect with your preteen, we strive to help 5th & 6th graders grow deep and really connect with Jesus!

Preteen Class

Sunday mornings, right after the joint Sunday’s Cool kid’s worship time, the preteens (5th & 6th graders) head to the preteen room. With hands-on interactive curriculum, captivating object lessons, challenging activities, insightful videos, and more your preteen will enjoy learning and digging deeper into God’s Word. Tackling tough topics, understanding how God’s Word applies to their lives, learning important spiritual truths and following Jesus with their whole heart is  our goal for every preteen that comes through our doors! We’d love to have you join the adventure!

Preteen Rewards Program

Free airline miles? Are you kidding! Preteens want ICE CREAM! At White Rock, your preteen will enjoy earning points for Bible memorization that they can cash in at the prize box or save up for a trip to Culver’s for some ice cream! Learning is fun and rewarding if you’re a preteen at White Rock.

Preteen Leadership Team

You know how they say, “They wrote the book on it!”. Well at White Rock, our Preteen Coordinator wrote the book (No seriously, she literally wrote the curriculum book.) Sandy and Lamar Brenneman have been involved in preteen ministry for. . . well, let’s just say for a long time. Sandy’s book, Solving the Mystery, serves as the foundational curriculum for our preteen ministry. Okay, okay, let’s clarify—the BIBLE serves as the foundation of knowledge and Truth. Solving the Mystery is the resource and layout we use to help preteens learn about the Bible and what it teaches them about following Jesus and living to please God. Every preteen gets their own book, and parents can snag a copy on Amazon.com or other retailer. At White Rock, we’re really blessed to have the Brenneman’s and an incredible group of amazing teachers loving on your preteens and pouring into them each week.