Come hear Pastor Andy expand on Pastor Krikor's series 'On Earth as it is in Heaven' by having an interview with a mixed cross section of the congregation and asking them 'What did you get out of the series?' Hear answers like. It was amazing and rich. It was unexpected. It was clarifying and gave context. It emphasized the importance and relevance of the Old Testament. After the interviews, listen to Pastor Andy talk about the dangers that he and Pastor Krikor discussed months prior to the series. They knew dangers would come with all of the stretching and wrestling generated by this series and there not being a real time forum to discuss/question what was said. Discover how after much prayer, they deemed the inspiration and enlightenment of the series worthy of the risk. Hear how they prayed and are praying that God's people would stay engaged with the true enemy and use their most powerful weapon of prayer to defeat the enemy and save lost.