---Men’s Ministry


It’s challenging to be a guy! There are so many pitfalls and temptations in our world that threaten to derail men from the path that leads to life. At White Rock, we are serious about being the men God has called us to be. Whether in a Bible study, a men’s breakfast, a service project, sport, retreat or other special event, there are so many great ways for guys to connect at White Rock. We’d love for you to come be a part.



Whether its a fun-filled evening of men’s basketball, a beautiful afternoon on the links at a men’s golf outing or a perfect evening on the softball diamond, there’s lots of ways to get your cardio with the guys at White Rock. Whether you’re a professional (as long as you take it easy on us) or a first-timer, we’d love for you to join us on the court or on the course!

Men’s Retreat


Stepping out of the crazy pace of life to connect, refresh and spiritually rejuvenate is an important thing. Jesus took time away to connect with the Father and came back refreshed and ready to tackle what was ahead. Our spring men’s retreat at Twin Lakes Campground features some amazing activities (zip lining, paint-balling, skeet shooting, fishing, knife-throwing and more), great food, tons of laughter and fun as well as deep, meaningful times of spiritual growth and renewal. This is one incredible group of men, and we’d love to have you be a part of this year’s retreat!

The Forge

A call to Biblical leadership. Everyday.
God has called men to leaders. He has called us to teach and train our children. He has called us to be leaders in our relationship with our wives. All too often we get sidetracked or off track when it comes to God’s important call to lead. The Forge is a movement among guys to be the leaders God has called us to be, We are setting out to engage in discovery (reading a verse or portion of Scripture), discussion (meaningful dialogue with our children and spouse about spiritual things), and direction (giving sound guidance and wisdom in helping direct where our family is headed) with our family every day.  Join the movement of men standing up and being the men God has called us to be! CLICK HERE for more info!

Service Projects


At White Rock, we believe in using our gifts and abilities to serve the Lord. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and there’s always some project or opportunity to jump on and help make a difference in people’s lives . Whether helping rebuild a home in Houston or building a wheel chair ramp around the corner, the White Rock guys are always up to something good! 

Game Club

This game day is for the serious gamer; ones that enjoy some bantering and geared towards the men that like to use strategy while they play games. 
Board Games, Tabletop War-games, and Miniature Games and many others will be played. The age level, complexity and competitive nature will vary widely on game day.
There will be NO games with a nature that in any way entices the worship, use, and activity of anything with a spiritual background or anything occult in nature. So no Dungeons & Dragons, Quija.

Men’s Breakfast

Whether you’re new to this whole “Bible” thing or you’ve spent decades digging through God’s Word, we’d love to have you join in the discovery and the discussion as we meet as a group of men and explore God’s Word and how it affects our lives as men. Men meet @ Bob Evans Noblesville Wednesday mornings at 8 AM.