---April Challenge Checklist:


Daily Bible Reading Challenge

1 chapter every day in God’s Word. Sword training.
  • March 30-April 5:
    • Monday Acts 1
    • Tuesday Acts 2
    • Wednesday Acts 3
    • Thursday Acts 4
    • Friday Acts 5
    • Saturday Acts 6
    • Sunday Acts 7

Relational Challenge

Intentional investment and engagement. 
  • Lead 2 non-screen activities (movie, video game, etc) for your family each week this month. Maybe it’s a board game, puzzle, front yard Frisbee session. Help lead whoever is in your house in some weekly activities that unplug and fully engage relationally. If you’re in a single household, feel free to utilize technology to connect with a friend or family member. Try to take a virtual walk and talk around your neighborhood or maybe try a board game over zoom (or another visual platform). The goal is to intentionally connect with each other.


Nutrition Challenge

Target & Track Your Calories
  • Begin each meal with a glass of water before you consume any other beverage. Let’s stay hydrated with good, healthy water. Keep those kidneys clean and functioning!

Exercise Challenge

At your pace. You decide what you can do. A simple walk has value. High intensity training
pushes our limits. There’s no judging or comparing. Each man simply taking some steps forward.

  • Each week this month, lead your family in 2 physical activities to get everyone moving. Could be a walk, a family push-up session, family living room dance-off, or some other creative angle. AND, send your Strike Team Leader a family selfie of each session. We’d like to make a fun collage of White Rock families staying active and encouraging each other to get out and move a little during this quarantine.