---October Challenge Checklist:


Daily Bible Reading Challenge

1 chapter every day in God’s Word. Sword training.
  • October 26-November 1:
    • Monday Genesis 19
    • Tuesday Genesis 20
    • Wednesday Genesis 21
    • Thursday Genesis 22
    • Friday Genesis 23
    • Saturday  Genesis 24
    • Sunday Genesis 25

Relational Challenge

Intentional investment and engagement. 
  • We are getting into fall time, invite some friends from church as well as unchurched friends over for a bonfire. It’s an easy way to let them see Christian fellowship.

Nutrition Challenge

Target & Track Your Calories
  • Add a serving of fruit to 2 meals a day. Try to diversify your fruits, so you’re not just eating the same one every day.

Outreach Challenge

  • Walk through your neighborhood and see if you have any neighbors that need leaves raked. It’s something you can get your kids or someone else to help you with and have good bonding time as well.