---February Challenge Checklist:


Daily Bible Reading Challenge

1 chapter every day in God’s Word. Sword training.
  • Feb. 17-23:
    • Monday Luke  4
    • Tuesday Luke 5
    • Wednesday Luke 6
    • Thursday Luke 7
    • Friday Luke 8
    • Saturday Luke 9
    • Sunday Luke 10

Relational Challenge

Intentional investment and engagement. 
  • “I love you.” Sometimes its tough to say, and even harder to demonstrate. This month, each week, find a way to communicate your love for the special people in your life (i.e.-spouse, children, etc). Maybe leaving a card, some flowers, a random act of kindness, whatever you can think of. Make sure people know that you love them and that they matter to you.


Nutrition Challenge

Target & Track Your Calories
  • Avoid sugary drinks. Sodas, piles of sugar in your coffee, energy drinks filled with sugars. This month find a healthy alternative to filling your body with all that sugar.

Exercise Challenge

At your pace. You decide what you can do. A simple walk has value. High intensity training
pushes our limits. There’s no judging or comparing. Each man simply taking some steps forward.

  • 3 simple workouts per week. Maybe a walk, jog or run. Maybe some push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Doesn’t have to be crazy intense, but do some intentional activity and keep that body active.