---What We Believe


At White Rock, we try to major on the majors and try not to get hung up on all the minor doctrinal issues that cause so much division in the church. We have a unique blend of people from various church and non-church backgrounds. We have a number of pastor’s kids from numerous different denominational backgrounds, and I always say you can’t fool pastor’s kids! They’ve seen the worst the church has to offer, and if they feel like you’re legit, that’s pretty high praise! We really try to listen and value each other as we walk in community together. Jesus said his disciples would be known not by how much Scripture they memorized or what their theological position on eternal security was, but rather by the way they loved each other. (John 13:3) With all that said, there are some really important things that we do take pretty seriously around here. These are some core things that we believe are critical to hold to as part of this church family. . .


---The Authority of God’s Word

(The Bible)

God’s Word is absolutely true and the ultimate authority in the life of a Christian. We call one another to bring our lives into alignment with God’s Word. In matters of faith, conduct and doctrine, Scripture is the defining authority.

---Salvation and Sanctification

Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ; there is no other name given among men by which we must be saved.
Sanctification has been a topic of great debate among Biblical scholars and theologians for centuries. At White Rock, we believe salvation begins at the point of repentance of sin and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord. The process of sanctification is an ongoing journey/walk in coming under the Lordship of Jesus Christ; growing daily in surrender and bringing our lives in alignment with his will and his Lordship.

---God the Father, God the Son,

God the Holy Spirit


We believe in the Holy Trinity; that God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit are all unique members of the Godhead. All three are divine in nature and individual and yet one at the same time. (Easy to say, hard to get our finite heads around!) This is a profound mystery that we accept on faith as revealed through God’s Word, the Holy Bible.


---Family, Community, Body


We believe the church of Jesus Christ is first and foremost a family. The invitation to be a part of God’s family through faith in Jesus Christ resonates throughout Scripture. We are first and foremost brothers and sisters in Christ, adopted as sons and daughters and growing more and more to resemble our heavenly Father (family resemblance).