November 2018

Who’s Your Daddy? – Part 3 (The Power of Words)

As God’s children, what you say matters. The world is watching and you represent your family. How close to the line of righteousness are you trying to get? Where is your heart at? Ask yourself these questions as a test of your words: 1.) Can you speak the same words, if you were standing before the Lord? If so, it is probably OK. 2.) Is what you are saying offensive to anyone who might hear you? If not, it is probably OK.

Who’s Your Daddy – Part 2 (Zero Tolerance)

Come hear about God’s zero tolerance policy.  Discover the difference between cultural morals and universal ethics. Listen to what God calls his children to do and how they should walk.

October 2018


Life changes over time. Changes are not easy and they are sometimes unsettling.  The only 2 constants in this world are God and life is going to change. Keeping your word will set you apart  and show your resemblance to God, our Father. Sometimes keeping your word will cost you dearly and force you to deny yourself as you carry your cross just as a disciple should. NEVER, NEVER QUIT !!!!

Who’s Your Daddy? – Part 1

* Can you tell the difference between an original and an imitation ? 
* Do you know who your family is ?
* Can you see a family resemblance?
* Whose example do you follow ?
* Are you valued within your ?
Come and explore a family beyond your earthly family.

Simple Church – Part 5 (Lead – Serve)

* What is true LEADERSHIP all about?
* Do you have a ME problem?
* Whose WILL do you follow?
* What is your FOCUS?
* Should your life have BALANCE?
Come explore this with us.