September 2019

Assessment of Your Walls – Part IV

During the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem, Nehemiah went out with his trusted men to make an assessment of the damages and condition of the wall. This leads us to the question, what is the damage and condition of the walls surrounding your own personal life? Come explore if you are missing important pie

Ridiculous Favor – Part III

Come explore how Nehemiah was steadfast in his prayers and petitions to the Lord for his people. Look at how Nehemiah’s concerns weighted so heavily on his heart that it physically changed his appearance. See how God used this heart of commitment to give Nehemiah the opportunity to boldly speak to the King and receive great favor from the King. Question: Are you prepared to deal with God’s opportunities and favor that come with God’s limitless power?

Life’s Rumble – Part II

Come and listen to Pastor Andy’s recap of the situation of the Israelites in the time of Nehemiah then transition to Brian Furr of the inner city missions of Miami. Listen to Brian share about his missions experience and the  hardships that turned him away and back to the Lord. Finally, listen to Pastor Andy tie how God allows the rumble of our lives to crumble down to a foundation that he can build on. God built that foundation of the Israelites and Brian.  What can God build from the rumble/ruins of your life today?

August 2019

Rebuild the Walls – Part I

Come hear Pastor Andy talk about the biblical accuracy of the book of Nehemiah. Discover how Nehemiah came before the Lord because he deeply cared for his people who were trapped in RUINS. All this leads to the following questions. “How far are you willing to go for your beloved people?” and “Are you ready for your moment as a trusted servant?” Accept the challenge to unpack it all !!!

Recipe for Disaster Part II

Come and enjoy 2 for 1 preaching. First, listen to Dan Leitha walk through how he communicates the gospel to kids and adults via Answers in Genesis with his cartoons. Then listen to Pastor Andy lay out some biblical expectations of God’s people both inside and outside the church’s wall. See how WhiteRock is attempting to respond to these expectations.