May 2019

Power2B (Men’s Retreat 2019)

Sexual depravity is not new and it is all around us just like ancient days but there is good news. God’s power is dynamic. God’s power is not measurable. God’s power is available. Come hear how men are called to be pure, spiritual leaders, and witnesses to this lost world.


Come and hear Andy’s alliteration on the word ‘MOTHER’. Discover how God’s fingerprint is on moms, how he gives a model of motherhood in scripture and how God’s love for us is very similar to a mother’s love. Learn to search for these qualities if you a mother or learn to search for these qualities in your own imperfect mother.

Choices – Teen’s Service

Come and listen to the teens talk about how the choices of today make for the chains of tomorrow.

April 2019

The Vine

Each time God identifies who he is, he also reveals what our expected roles are. Come discover how God cultivates and prunes us to do his good work and be healthy people.  Is that connection present in your life? Are you meeting the gardener’s expectation? Where and what is your fruit? 

Hypocrisy !!!

It does not matter how you look on the outside.
It matters who you are on the inside. You are not fooling
anyone especially God. Let’s cleanup on the inside and wrap
ourselves in the righteous of the Lord then go to work for the
Lord because we love him and we have a job to do.