September 2018

Simple Church – Part 1

Complexity does not necessarily make you better.
Come here about our KISS process and how we
implement our motto (Revive, Restore, and Rebuild).

Through the Wilderness

If you are walking with the Lord, you are either in the wilderness or
you just came out of the wilderness. In this wilderness, we are tempted by
the devil just as Jesus was. But have you ever wondered why God sends us through the wilderness? Come with us as we explore what God is doing.

Light It Up – Part 4 (Labor Day)

Work. If it were fun, it would be called “fun” not “work.” But, God h

August 2018


We all have emotions. Did you know that the Bible is meant to touch our emotions? We were built for emotion. Jesus had emotion. God tenderizes us through our emotions to make us sensitive. Sensitivity is necessary for God’s people.

Light It Up – Part 3 (Path of Bitterness)

Come hear about the path of bitterness and how it impacts you, others around you and finally your relationship with God. But there is hope found in God’s word. Follow the KFC command and reap the benefits.