Fusion 2018

We had a crazy weekend, but we made it back from Fusion 2018 in one piece! Indiana Wesleyan University (which happens to be my alma mater) hosts two events each spring for youth: Fusion, for high school students, and Never 2 Young, for middle school (which is coming up on May 4-5!). This year we had 5 high school students that went, along with 4 of the best youth leaders ever…but I might be biased. We got to see Cory Asbury and Bethel Worship live in concert on Friday night (you may have heard his song Reckless Love on the radio), and some other talented artists and musicians throughout the weekend. We listened to moving sermons, went to interesting seminars, played on fun inflatables, shot each other with bows and arrows (for archery tag…it was mostly safe), drank delicious coffee at McConn, stayed up way too late, and had some good conversations about life and faith throughout the weekend. I was very thankful to be a part of the event, and I think we all enjoyed learning and playing together! Hopefully next time you (or your teen) can join us!
-Jaki Allen