Easter Egg Hunt 2018! Rain or Shine!

As I remember it, hunting eggs is probably one of the most exciting parts of Easter in the eyes of kids!  The candy, the hunt for candy, the sugar rush!  When the eggs are all empty and there is no longer candy to find, kids go home with bags full of candy to last them months.  All the while, parents are praying that some of it gets lost and forgotten somewhere in the car on the drive home.
This Saturday kids will not only get the change to hunt for eggs filled with sugary goodness and empty those eggs into their baskets to take home, they will also get an awesome opportunity to learn about something that Jesus left empty! Come join us Saturday at 2:00 at 21070 Schulley Road in Noblesville for hunting candy, and to hear about what Jesus left empty…and why He did it!  RAIN or SHINE!
-Pastor Ryan Christopher
Children’s Pastor